15 January 2014

Back in the Saddle with Buffy

"Why do you write strong female characters?" 
"Because you're still asking me that question." - Joss Wheden
"I always say that a day without an autopsy is like a day without sunshine."
Buffy's been on heavy rotation the past month as I've been revisiting one of my favorite series while cross training on the bike trainer. So many memorable quotes from one of the greatest writers of our time, Joss Wheden. Besides his great wit, the way he developed his characters and told stories was nothing short of brilliant. It certainly makes the 90 min go by fast. 

On the running front, I'm easing back into training mode again with 60-120 min easy runs, stamina runs and as of this week, speed work. I did 5 sets of Yasso 800s on Monday, with the plan of adding one set each week until I reach 10. With 37 mph headwinds to contend with, I wasn't surprised they ranged from 4:08 - 4:20. Felt good though to feel my body moving efficiently and get some faster turnover going. 
New Year's Run
I've been keeping my climbing on the low end, but with the upcoming Ponderous Posterior fat ass run coming up this Saturday, I expect to clock at least 2k of gain for the half-ass run I plan to do. Starting next week, I'll be adding weekly hill repeats to round out the training plan.
Snow Run
The first race of the Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Series was held last Saturday and I got the 7-ish miles done in 1:27. Couldn't have asked for better weather -- sunny with just the slightest breeze -- and no jacket required. The course was snowy with ice underneath with a few short muddy sections, but with spikes I didn't have much trouble with it. My running motto for the year is "run uncomfortable" and I pushed the pace enough to keep it in that zone the whole time, without burning myself out.
Had a great day, except for getting my head cut off.
Speaking of races, I've been tweaking my 2014 schedule a lot this week. I decided that due to finances, I'd take both Bryce & the Bear off my calendar this year and replace them with North Fork 50 and Run Rabbit Run 100. Samantha is running RRR too and since it's less than 4 hours from home, I expect my family to be able to come up for at least part of the event. Besides being closer to home, it's run in early September, so it'll give me more time to recover and train for the Denver Marathon, 5 weeks later.

I've been trying to figure out what race or run I might do in August as I prepare for RRR. The race I want to do is TMR, but being a more expensive one to travel to along with having steeper climbs, Sheila and I put the Maroon Bells Four Passes Loop on the calendar instead. This has been on my bucket list for the past year and it's considered by many to be the best hike in Colorado. It's a must-do adventure run for ultrarunners and I'm really looking forward to it.
Maroon Bells (Photo: S Oachs)
That's all the news for now. In closing, I present Buffy's bud, Xander "I do not babble. I occasionally run on, every now and then I yammer" Harris -- the perfect combo of loyalty, wit and nerdiness. Some of his best quotes are captured here. Enjoy!
Happy Trails,



  1. Good to see you at the aid station, girl! Lynne,Sandra and I will do a Baby Ass, with just a swing around the Garden. See you at the 7:00 start!

    1. Yes...PP 2014 -- see you then, Lori!