20 January 2014

2014 Ponderous Posterior

Photo: Sandra
We were treated to some spectacular weather this year for the annual CRUD Ponderous Posterior fat ass run. While there were fewer folks out this year for the altered course, I met up with Sheila, Lori, Lynne and Sandra at JT's house for the 7am start. As Sheila took off with some of the faster runners, I hung back with the rest of the girls initially before settling into a solo run. With fewer people out this year, there wasn't as many tales to tell as last year. The goal was to do around 12 miles (the half-ass), which took me through Garden of the Gods and over to Manitou where I caught the Intemann Trail to Red Rock Canyon. Others went up the Incline and to Mt. Manitou to tick off closer to 23 miles, too much with my early season fitness.

When we started off towards the Garden, the moon had yet to set and we were snapping pictures to capture it as it sat above Pikes Peak and eventually fell below the horizon. Thankfully, the trails were in good shape and the only ice I encountered were very short sections on the Intemann. All in all, a great day on the trails even if it took me a over 3 hours to cover my shortened course.
(L-R): Me, Sandra, Lori & Lynne
View of Pikes Peak through Siamese Twins

9 miles later, looking back from whence I came

I am experimenting with a high fat, low carb Ketogenic diet and found that a breakfast of cheesy eggs and sausage made it easy to keep the pace in zone 2. I’m seeing a lot more runners embracing the “eat fat to burn fat” philosophy so I’m doing more of a targeted method and using starchy or sugary carbs specifically for speed workouts. Otherwise, my only carbs are non-starchy veggies and daily serving of fruit and higher fat yogurt. I’m also allowing myself to eat a more moderate amount of carbs either Saturday or Sunday which allows me to eat normally when with friends or after my weekly training is complete. I'll let you know how it goes and how my body adapts as time goes on.

I’m seriously not much of a TV watcher, but January being Downton Abbey month, you will find me succumbing to the gravitational pull of my couch. Though I’ve been less excited about this year’s season (thanks Dan Stevens for your untimely departure), I have jumped on board the Sherlock train and what an fantastic ride it has been. Last night's season premier was simply brilliant. I’m really looking forward to watching the remaining episodes on PBS. Watch the first episode (PBS or Netflix) and if you love it, then you’ll love them all. Highly entertaining and well written show.

Happy Trails,


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  1. I haven't seen Sherlock, but I am hooked on Elementary. And now True Detective on HBO, with Woody Harrelson &Matthew McConaighey (sp).