06 April 2013

Friday Long Run: Horsetooth Mountain Park

With the Quad Rock 50 coming up in 5 weeks, Sheila and I headed up to Fort Collins to preview the part of the course that wasn't affected by the recent wildfire. It was a tough run (got spanked, actually) and I have nothing but respect for those who can cruise around the technical trails there.   

We persevered through 18 miles of climbing, descending and general gnarliness of terrain and got a good taste of what's coming up. Since a lot of the climbs are not runnable for me, fast hiking skills will be needed to beat the cutoffs.  

Hiking up Towers
Beautiful day, pretty views
My attention is now turned to the Grand Canyon R2R2R coming up next weekend. Leaving early Friday morning, I expect to arrive late afternoon. Last I heard, no snow on the trails. The weather's forecasted to be 30º - 70º and sunny, which would be perfect.   

I've been enjoying Sage Canaday's video of his R2R2R last fall with Brendan Trimboli and another buddy. He took the longer 46 mile route up Bright Angel -- 42 miles is enough for me. Enjoy!

Happy Trails,


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