06 March 2013

Reading Habits

I recall a few years ago, when I was just a 3-hour-a-week trail runner, picking up this magazine and thinking, "Cool, an alternative to Runners World for people like me".  

As I perused it, I felt a wave of disappointment because it appeared to be aimed at ultra-marathoners, not normal trail runners.  I mean, I wasn't planning to run no 100 miles!  Sheesh.

Contrast that with my excitement at seeing this issue in my mailbox this afternoon.  I'm looking at the table of contents to see who is contributing this month and what they're writing about and what amazing locales I can add to my bucket list of running adventures.  I couldn't wait to get the kiddos in bed so I could tear into this thing. 

Things have certainly changed with moving to Colorado...

Happy Trails,


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